Féilim James Receives Arts Council Bursary Award

Féilim James was thrilled to receive an English Literature Bursary Award from the Arts Council of Ireland to finish his debut novel, Flower of Ash. He had this to say about it: ‘To have this happen immediately after completing my MA in Writing is a dream. That said, it’s a break I’ve been waiting on for a long time, and one I’ve worked tirelessly towards. I cannot overstate my gratitude to the Arts Council for the faith they’ve placed in me to make something great of this book. Major thanks also to all of my lecturers in NUI Galway, in particular Mike McCormack for his stellar guidance and encouragement, and everyone else who has helped me along the way.’

Find below a blurb for the novel, Flower of Ash:

Dara, head of a small but successful charity, loyal husband, and father of one, leads a seemingly normal life. Yet sixteen years ago, during a holiday with his best friend Sam in Santorini, he did something he could never undo. An act that irreversibly altered the world, and, surely, himself.

Now, a sudden rupture in his married life forces him to revisit his past, and to ask important questions of himself. How did that one act shape who he has become? And what does it mean to be male in the modern world? Told in the form of a confessional memoir to be read in a century’s time, this debut novel exchanges piercing meditations on the human condition with scenes of engrossing drama.

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