Féilim James Receives Professional Development Award From Arts Council

Féilim James was delighted to receive a Professional Development Award from the Arts Council of Ireland. The funding enables him to complete a number of career and creative development supports. It also crucially provides funding for general subsistence costs.

The five courses Féilim will complete are as follows:

  • Online Propel: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway with Noelle Brown: Performance Skills Training for Writers
  • Public Speaking: One Day Saturday Intensive by Flying Turtle Productions
  • Social Media Course by Gotham Writers in New York, Zoom
  • Focus Your Form: Short Stories with Jan Carson
  • Margaret Atwood’s Creative Writing Masterclass

Féilim would like to extend his immense gratitude to the Arts Council once again for their invaluable support. He is keen to reap the benefits of the opportunities presented to him.

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