Féilim James’ Short Stories Published in A New Ulster

Three of Féilim James’ short stories – ‘Dreamcatcher’, ‘A Warm November Day’, and ‘Getting Out’ – have been published in the December 2017 issue of the literary journal A New Ulster. The journal is one of Northern Ireland’s newest, publishing both local and international talent. It is an inclusive journal, following in the footsteps of The Honest Ulsterman and Fortnight Magazine, and aims to reflect the changing times in which we live, granting the reader ‘a doorway into other worlds of the imagination’.

The journal can be read here, with Féilim’s work beginning on page 36. In the story ‘Dreamcatcher’, the ostensible happiness of the child protagonist Oisín’s home life is undermined by the dark and sinister content of his dream. ‘A Warm November Day’ charts a day in the life of student Cathal, taking us through the turbulent ebb and flow of his existence as he struggles with ambition, sexual jealousy, and his own inadequacies. Finally, ‘Getting Out’ brings us to the banks of the Corrib in Galway, where a homeless man recounts his life story of violence and loss to two young listeners. This is Féilim’s first published prose.

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