Féilim to Read Poems at Mental Health Matters: Stride Towards Brighter Days

Féilim James was delighted to be invited to read his poetry at Mental Health Matters: Stride Towards Brighter Days. This event is run by the Green Party, and takes place next Thursday, 19 November at 6pm. Féilim will be contributing alongside Deputy Neasa Hourigan, Finola Colgan of Mental Health Ireland, Rory Fitzgerald of the Samaritans, and singer Lizzy Byrne. This is a Green Party members-only event.

Féilim will read three poems, two in English and one in Irish. ‘on viewing francis bacon’s study of a bull as recommended to me by my father’, ‘Breaking’, and ‘Suaimhneas’ all revolve around the themes of death, suicide, and the search for inner peace.

To attend this event, please contact sinead.heavin@greenparty.ie

Image: @SensoryArtHouse

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